Download – Zootopia (2016) 720p HD-TC x265 HEVC

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720p 580MB HD-TC x265 HEVC Direct Link

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Encoder: Dr.DK

Media Info
Duration : 1h 47mn
Language : English

Video Source : 疯狂动物城.Zootopia.2016.TC720P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.Mp4Ba [Thanks]

Audio Source : Zootop.ia 2016 720p HD-TC x264 AC3 Exclusive-CPG [Thanks]

20 Responses to Download – Zootopia (2016) 720p HD-TC x265 HEVC

  1. alpesh says:

    the man who knew infinity

  2. Habibi says:

    what is HD-TC version, never heard that

    • sam says:

      TELECINE (TC) A copy captured from a film print using a machine that transfers the movie from its analog reel to digital format. These were rare because telecine machines for making these prints were very costly and very large. However, they have recently become much more common. Telecine has basically the same quality as DVD, since the technique is same as digitizing the actual film to DVD. However, the result is inferior since the source material is usually a lower quality copy reel. Telecine machines usually cause a slight left-right jitter in the picture and have inferior color levels compared to DVD. (source: wiki)

  3. Aaryan says:

    admin reply please
    can you upload TOIFA 2016 awards

  4. Jones says:

    please upload raangitaaranga movie

  5. jazz says:

    Thankss adminn

  6. srivatsan says:

    waiting for neerja 🙂

  7. Muhammad Hussein says:

    Can you re-upload It Follows 2014 ??

    Link is dead !!

    Answer,please !

  8. shabbir says:

    audio prfct syc as well video look dam good for tc nice encode bro looks like dvdrip …
    the jungle book too released as same source bro can u upload asap 🙂

  9. The Gamer says:

    Hi everyone, I am downloading movies from this site the first time, so when i played its sample, it was streaming very laggy. Is the main movie also like this?

  10. Dave25 says:

    No A/V problems Quality rips but u need a processor atleast dual core to play 10bit

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