Download – Victor Frankenstein (2015) 1080p 10bit BluRay x265 HEVC

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1080p 890MB 10bit BluRay x265 HEVC Direct Link

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Encoder: Dr.DK

Media Info
Duration : 1h 49mn
Language : English

Notes : 720p reduced size encode will be available soon.

Source : Victor.Frankenstein.2015.1080p.BluRay.x264-GECKOS


12 Responses to Download – Victor Frankenstein (2015) 1080p 10bit BluRay x265 HEVC

  1. bobby says:

    That’s too large size..
    please upload in 720p resolution..

  2. Guy1 says:

    Thor(2011) 1080p x265?
    I dont know if you remember or not, Its a really old request. The reason i keep requesting it is because it is the only film in the mcu i dont have, even though im not a fan of the film myself lol. But id still like to have it in my collection. Size doesnt matter. Please consider doing it.

  3. Aravind says:

    can you upload this movie in 720p x265 version……. Thanks in advance..

  4. becool says:

    hey man ,thx for the hard work, but i wanna tell you that the whole point of this x265 getting popular (an your website with it) is the kind small size but great quality if you gonna start doing 1080p at least do the 720p and even the 480p ,that will get you more visits ,if you’re gonna start doing only 1080p i feel like you’re gonna lose “clients” instead

  5. stranger_666 says:

    thx for this 1080p..but i will be waiting for 720p version…smallest size my favourite…

  6. hanu_blr says:

    on request, if you make a 1080p encodes, then plz add 5.1 aac audio separate download, so user who want better audio experience can mux themselves 🙂
    thanks for encode, BTW, these x265 are 1pass constant Q or 2 pass encodes ???

  7. WildcatKNH says:

    I appreciate the 1080p encode. I have only recently found this site. I understand that there are those out there that only want 720p because of the file size … well, I am on the other side … I only want 1080p in my collection. So in most cases, I will pass on downloading from here unless I absolutely can’t find a 1080p x265 anywhere else. So if you are going to start adding 1080p, it will be appreciated by some and I will come by more often.

    Thanks again.

  8. Movie Lover says:

    Man! i love 1080p brrip release. keep up the good work bro!

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