Download – The Skeleton Key (2005) 720p 10bit HEVC x265 BluRay

720p 494MB 10bit x265 HEVC Direct Link

Sample Download

Encoder: Gangsternerd

8 Responses to Download – The Skeleton Key (2005) 720p 10bit HEVC x265 BluRay

  1. Vicious.Warrior says:

    Link is not working

  2. moka says:

    Hello bro, thank you for so many good movies.
    This one’s audio bit rate is too low. 96 kb is not enough for 5.1

    • Gangsternerd says:

      its High Efficiency Audio Codec not just basic ACC. 96 is actually high quality in this world. but also need to remember that not all Source material is as great as we would like but you gotta use what’s available sometimes. and i do what i can to save space where ever i can!! the codec is actually amazing if has good source audio. so yeah not sure you understand that is pretty much Hevc Audio and not same as basic acc. Being Encoder everyone wants the best of the best but same time the very smallest cause such and such can get a movie that size but cut every…… i’m not gonna go on a rant! i’m going to bed now:)

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