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In the Old West era, a calm man named Tommy Stockburn (Sandler) is raised by Native Americans, where he is named “White Knife”, due to his tendency to use knives. He is due to marry an Native girl named Smoking Fox (Jones). He has a run-in with a gang of bandits with eye patches on their right eyes, led by Will Patch (Forte), and manages to outsmart them and a deranged, Indian-racist food proprietor named Clem (Zahn), whose left eye is messed up. At his Native village a bank robber named Frank Stockburn (Nolte) comes by, claiming to be Tommy’s biological father. Tommy explains to Frank that his mother was shot by a silhouetted man when escorting him to school during his childhood. Frank also tells Tommy that he is dying of consumption. The next day, a group of bandits with connections to Frank come to the village, led by the ruthless Cicero (Trejo) who want Frank to give them his “big score” he gained a while back. When Frank refuses, the bandits kidnap him, and tell Tommy that if he wants to see his father again, he will bring $50,000 to the “Singing Windmill” at Jawbone Falls.

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Duration : 1h 59mn
Language : English

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  1. Fero says:

    Can you pls post the link to English Subtitle for this movie?
    All the subtitles are OOS with this video.

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