Download – The Fate of the Furious (2017) *FILTERED* HC Subs 720p 10bit x265 WebRip

720p 872MB 10bit x265 HEVC Direct Link

Sample 1 Download

Sample 2 Download

Encoder: Gangsternerd

8 Responses to Download – The Fate of the Furious (2017) *FILTERED* HC Subs 720p 10bit x265 WebRip

  1. Anish says:

    size was too big for this quality

    • elysium3000 says:

      Anish stop moaning like a bitch

    • Gangsternerd says:

      The file is a little big but the same time the movie is 2 hours 15mins and its Stuttershit source all their movies are just so so Quality to begin with cause they are somehow able to pull it from a hotel room pay per view but anyway if i don’t do it like a normal encode it will only look that much worse when completed. 2nd thing! without saying the encoders name cause i’m not gonna give them any new fans 😛 but he’s considered the best x265 encoder by many and my encode is smaller size! the last thing!!!!!! 😛 This movie took 3 Separate encodes starting with a 1080p to 720p x264 to remove the subs the program works much better with a 720p so i did a huge 10,000 bitrate which took a little than longer than normal cause of the insane bitrate! then the sub remove encode then the 3rd and final hevc encode with all that the last thing i was gonna do was cut it short with some sorta ok finished movie! hope that helps with why the size is what it is! 🙂 and hope you enjoyed the movie as well!

  2. Anish says:

    nobody is commenting because of these ads, for posting above comment it took 2minutes(Website loading is very slow) and nearly 6 ads bw writing and posting

  3. elysium3000 says:

    moaning bitches thanks for all the great rips mate keep up the great work mate screw the haters.

    top encode of this good flik

  4. Dave25 says:

    watched the samples they are good…

  5. fziert says:

    what is meant by *FILTERED* ?? :/

    • Gangsternerd says:

      😉 that’s why i made 2 samples for you to see if you like this or not. it means what it says filtered HC Subs means i put a filter over it and tried to remove. not a blur so don’t say blurred. its something i have seen nobody else do.

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