Download – The Angry Birds Movie (2016) 720p HD-TC x265 HEVC


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720p 530MB HD-TC x265 HEVC Direct Link

Sample Download

Encoder: Dr DK
Duration : 1h 36mn
Language : English

Notes : Low quality HD-TCRip with Asian hard subs, take it or wait for a better source.

Source : The.Angry.Birds.Movie.2016.720p.HD-TC.x264.AC3-CPG [Thanks]

20 Responses to Download – The Angry Birds Movie (2016) 720p HD-TC x265 HEVC

  1. achintha says:

    manithan 2016 new tamil hit 720p just released

  2. himanhsiu says:

    snowwhite and huntsman 720p

  3. Amalka says:

    plz encode khabi khushi khabi gham brrip

  4. Bala says:

    Kindly upload Manithan 2016 Tamil movie….

  5. gayan says:

    machan x-files season 10 buleray rip release wela. x265 8bit convert karala daapanko english subs ekka.plz

  6. deadskull says:

    plz encode mr right & anomalisa in 720p x265 bluray

  7. guy1 says:

    I dont know if you want to spend much time re-encoding a highly cleansed CAMRip, but there actually is an even better source out from Titan. The uploader seems to have done some magic with the video and from the looks of the sample, its the best quality we have seen for the film so far. Here, take a look at it:

    So, if you wanna go the extra mile, use this as a source and do another rip. Thanks!

  8. Aaryan khan says:

    in 720p Hevc please
    I’m requesting 5th time from 10 days

  9. V says:

    and many thanks.

  10. Ajob Mohapurush says:

    plz upload Srimanthudu (2015) 720p hindi it hs ben relsed

  11. KorosuLen says:

    This was supposed to be a comment about Angry Birds Movie and yet so many ppl ask for uploading other movies…zzzz
    Cant u guys atleast appreciate the uploader and let him do his own job.
    Stop Complaining and atleast say THANKS to the uploader.
    Im sorry on behave of them…but, just take ur time on encoding on any movie u want.

  12. wowdon says:

    Dude give this guy a Break.So many Movie Request.Atleast Thank him for what he has done so far.

  13. Jasi says:

    Manithan please

  14. shloak says:

    i think people come here only for requesting for movies by the way can you uoload x men apocalypse 🙂

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