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Young journalist Tintin and his dog Snowy are browsing in an outdoor market in Brussels, Belgium. Tintin buys a miniature model of a ship, the Unicorn, but is then accosted by Barnaby and Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine, who both unsuccessfully try to buy the model from Tintin. Tintin takes the ship home, but it is accidentally broken, resulting in a parchment scroll slipping out of the model and rolling under a piece of furniture. Meanwhile, detectives Thomson and Thompson are on the trail of a pickpocket, Aristides Silk. Tintin, later finds the “Unicorn” model is stolen, and his apartment ransacked. He visits Sakharine in Marlinspike Hall and accuses him of the theft when he sees a miniature model of the “Unicorn”, but when he notices that Sakharine’s model is not broken, he realizes that there are two “Unicorn” models. Once Tintin returns home, Snowy shows him the scroll. After reading an old message written on it, he is interrupted by the arrival of Barnaby, who is fatally shot and killed unquestionably. Tintin places the scroll in his wallet, but is stolen by Silk the next morning.

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Duration : 1h 46mn
Language : English

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