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A young girl, with her aunt’s boyfriend waiting at the car, visits the grave of her parents on the anniversary of their deaths, witnesses and photographs a hitman (Fishburne) killing people attending a funeral. He kills her aunt’ boyfriend, Roger, and tries to kill her too, but she flees into the woods and comes across the house of a war veteran, Carter, who vows to protect her. Arriving at the house, Sade (Fishburne’s character) shoots at Carter, who grabs a rifle and shoots back. They exchange words and gunfire, both getting wounded. With break in the gunfire, Sade tries to talk Carter into sending the girl (Bird) down so he can kill her. Carter refuses, both breaking to patch up their wounds and prepare for the next round. Carter sends the girl for some light bulbs, which he breaks and throws down the stairs, alerting Sade to the fact that he “ain’t no farmer”. Carter finds out from the girl what happened in the cemetary and that she has a picture of Sade’s face. Sade, in the downstairs of the house, starts going through Carter’s stuff that has been boxed up. He finds a picture of Carter in military uniform with his wife and son. He tries to convince Carter he is also ex-military and he understands why Carter is protecting Bird. Carter let’s him know he is aware that Bird has a picture of him and that is why he is after her.



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Duration : 1h 26mn
Language : English

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