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In Victorian London, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are presented with a puzzling case by Lestrade. Emelia Ricoletti, aconsumptive bride gone mad, fired on by-passers in the street, before committing suicide by shooting herself in the head through her mouth. Later that evening, however, while exiting an opium den, her husband is confronted by Emelia, who shoots him before disappearing into the fog. Intrigued by the question of how Emelia apparently survived, Sherlock takes the case. At the morgue, he is informed by Dr Hooper that the woman who killed herself, the woman who murdered Mr Ricoletti, and the body on hand, have all been positively identified as Emelia. Stymied, Sherlock loses interest in the case. When the bride apparently returns to murder other men, he deduces that these must be copycat crimes

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