Download – Pete’s Dragon (2016) 720p 10bit Bluray x265 HEVC


720p 660MB 10bit Bluray x265 HEVC Direct Link

Sample Download

Encoder: Dr Redz

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3 Responses to Download – Pete’s Dragon (2016) 720p 10bit Bluray x265 HEVC

  1. Jacktorres says:

    bro dnt compromise on size….on some places bitrate is very low and blurry…nevertheless gud print over all..\m/

  2. Abhi says:

    I agree with Jacktorres.

    First of all, it is not 660MB. It is only 490MB something. Want this site to become the best HEVC 10-bit site. For that, don’t compromise on quality. 660MB would have been nice for such movie.

  3. Thawmtepa says:

    There are other sites that offer high quality prints in big size. This is only the few websites with small size high quality encodes. Thank you admin.Keep up too great work. In our city, we depend on you.

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