Download – Mupparimanam (2017) Tamil 720p 10bit HDRIP x265 HEVC

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720p 940MB 10bit HDRIP x265 HEVC Direct Link

Language :- Tamil

Subtitles :- English

Source :- 4K – Untouched – UHD – MP4 – 5.3GB – ESubs – Tamil [5.33GB]

Sample Download

Runtime: 2h 16 min

Encoder: GunneR

15 Responses to Download – Mupparimanam (2017) Tamil 720p 10bit HDRIP x265 HEVC

  1. Gunner Fan says:

    Hey gunner pls Upload
    1.Shaolin Soccer
    2.Spy Kids 3
    3.Other Guys…
    long time waiting…pls upload.

    • srivatsan says:

      @GunneR long time ago i requested three movies can u remember 7g rainbow colony , pudhupettai and I tamil movie in 720p x265 can u upload it now ??

      • GunneR says:

        Bro Tamil Version of The Ghazi Attack (2017) is still out of sync. Hindi source file also out of sync. but i have able to fix it somehow. I Tried But Still can`t fix the Tamil Version. I can Upload the tamil one, but it out of sync a little bit. but its watchable…!

  2. Aaryan Khan says:

    Bro i requested for Duckweed movie
    You didn’t answered
    Can you please tell me
    When are you gonna upload it?

    • GunneR says:

      Its still 5% downloaded…! will upload soon. its almost completed…!

      • Aaryan Khan says:

        Thanks a ton man
        I’m really impressed
        And so they have harcoded eng subs?

        And are you going upload both today?

        • GunneR says:

          Yes it has HC English subs…!

          I found a 4k source for Duckweed (2017) but it has low seeds 5.2% still downloading the source.

          • Aaryan Khan says:

            Thanks a ton man
            Upload in 720p
            These are new + Blockbuster movies
            I’m sure these gonna give u lots of downloads

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