Download – Maximum Overdrive (1986) 720p 10bit HEVC x265 BluRay

720p 617MB 10bit x265 HEVC Direct Link

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Encoder: Gangsternerd

7 Responses to Download – Maximum Overdrive (1986) 720p 10bit HEVC x265 BluRay

  1. rudrax says:

    Hi there Gangsternerd, I have an important concern regarding the encodes here at Almost all of the encodes posted here are done at 10bit of bit depth. But most of the entry level and old CPUs don’t support hardware accelerated decoding of 10bit x265 movies. This brings the software decoder in play which uses a lot of CPU power (around 25% of constant CPU uses). Due to this high amount of CPU uses, the system generates heat and risks the system to have overheating issues.

    So I request you to keep the bit depth of your encodes to 8bit so that some of the not so old CPUs can use hardware acceleration while playing the movies. I have 6th gen. Intel “Skylake” Pentium N3700 CPU which supports hardware acceleration for 8bit x265 encodes but not for 10bit ones.

    • Gangsternerd says:

      I’m very sorry about that and computer just on the edge of being able to play. but first of all i’m just a Uploader i do not make the rules. i can tell you this though that going from 10bit to 8bit encodes would completely mess up the site theme! its all about the 10Bit encodes! so its highly unlikely this change will happen. 🙁 sorry that your computer can’t handle the higher bit encode. if you upgrade your Graphics card you should then be able to play 10bit since computer can do 8bit now. And just be happy its not 12bit encodes 😛 I’m kidding

    • x265 says:

      I am not sure the hardware requirement but have you tried to switch media players?

      Can check smplayer once and see if it makes a difference?

  2. rudrax says:

    Don’t be sorry, it’s not your fault. About the site theme, it’s not about whether 10bit or 8bit but to provide best quality on smallest size possible on x265. You can not encode using x264, that would be disrespect to the site’s theme. What won’t be disrespect is to encode in 8bit. I have seen some uploaders here posting the 8bit movies (Boyka Undisputed, e.g.). I see no difference in quality. This will help users with lower hardware configs to enjoy the benefits of x265 encodes. I am a laptop user, so can upgrade the graphics card. I wouldn’t care if I had a desktop because heat management is better in desktops due ample space and airflow but in case of laptop, heating is critical due to narrow space. You can consult this matter with the admin (if you are not an admin already). I have to stop visiting this site if there is no 8bit encodes available in future and many other users will do the same as soon as they find out the drill.

  3. x265mkvUser says:

    i’m too using laptop and faced the same issue of high cpu consumption while playing 10bit hevc files on mpc-HC(around 20-30% cpu)

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