Download – Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (2006) 720p 10bit Bluray x265 HEVC


720p 510MB 10bit Bluray x265 HEVC Direct Link

Sample Download

Encoder: Dr. REDZ

7 Responses to Download – Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (2006) 720p 10bit Bluray x265 HEVC

  1. srivatsan says:

    @Dr.Redz thanks macha waiting for the remaining movies i requested 🙂

  2. srivatsan says:

    @Dr.Redz bro movie size is 990mb u wrongly mentioned 510mb correct it 🙂

  3. Dave25 says:

    Redz what are the upcoming posts…

    • Redz says:

      Today No Update Bro..!! 🙁

      • sai says:

        Bro,I think it’s better to u if you use the avidemux for encoding telugu movies .It has many editing options you can choose required saturation.many movies can’t get some details if u use sharpness in it u can achieve that.It can also provide a good quality for low gives 700 mb for 2:19:00 duration.Its a honest suggestion and iam sure that it can provide better quality than your previous Telugu encodes for low size.using CRF mode at 31 also giving good quality.plz u can do it for Telugu movies bro because many of Telugu movies were dull and not of good details.So plz atleast once u can try it.if u want nice quality settings better to use asharp or msharpen in edit window.Plz try it once

  4. X265 Fan says:

    waiting for Legend of drunken master

  5. sanmkzst says:

    Hey loved the movie..loved the quality can u do ohm shaanti ohm and kanji kushi kanji Gham in 500mb too!! Please😊

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