Download – Devil (2010) 720p 10bit HEVC x265 BluRay

720p 426MB 10bit x265 HEVC Direct Link

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Encoder: Gangsternerd

3 Responses to Download – Devil (2010) 720p 10bit HEVC x265 BluRay

  1. Elysium 3000 says:

    thanks mate this is a top flick.

    did you get my request ?

    • Gangsternerd says:

      I AM ON A MISSION TODAY! FOR THE FEW WHO WERE LIKE YOU GUYS DON’T POST ENOUGH. JUST WAIT TILL I GOT A LITTLE MORE UNDERSTANDING OF HOW THE WHOLE UPLOAD THING WORKS AND I COULD BLOW IT OUT OF THE WATER. Can’t do this everyday though cause i have a soft data cap! Meaning there is one sorta there but its not enforced but i very will could start going 5x past the data limits! anyway offtrack and back to uploading. going as fast as i can right now.

  2. walton says:

    I can anticipate the smoke and dust clouds forming up already on the horizon dude.

    In great anticipation!!

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