Download – Blade (1998) 720p 10bit HEVC x265 BluRay

720p 731MB 10bit x265 HEVC Direct Link

Sample Download

Encoder: Gangsternerd

13 Responses to Download – Blade (1998) 720p 10bit HEVC x265 BluRay

  1. TC says:

    Links are getting ridiculous.

  2. TC says:

    It would be good only if you tell us which is for (ie. openload, uploaded etc). otherwise we have to click them all to find out?! surely there are more friendlier way to increase “clicks” on those ads?

  3. TC says:

    don’t know a downloader prog. anyways, this is NOT a moan (promise), just wondering if ur aware that a lot of the recent uploads the 5.1 sound has been downmixed? So in fact not getting 6ch surround. would have been great to watch these action movies in surround. were u aware of this? thank you very much for ur time and advise mate.

    • Gangsternerd says:

      what movies? I have have to go small with sound but i use a very good bitrate for HE sometimes source isn’t the greatest because could have been a very tough movie to find and i have to work with what i can get. but most of the time i can get very good source. please let me know the movies so i can see whats going on Thanks! now that i think about it are you talking about lower bit rate? than normal? there are a few cause i had to squish it to get to 1GB

  4. ppepe says:

    sure i will click on those link one by one until you rich

    • Gangsternerd says:

      i think i make like .00005 a click! and ever since i started i have only made like 25 dollars! 😉 and with numbers like that its kind of obvious i don’t do it for the money. but really if simply just copy everything you wanna check for a download link and and you’ll get something slimier to what you see in the picture choices to download from and then its so simple to use i see it just as important as u torrent is to torrents. so anyway just trying to help you out! if you honestly thinkg its about money you really should come try this thing for a day! you would soon see that money is joke and maybe like once every 6 months would be able to pick up a 50 spot if were any good with link hosting! 🙂 hope you enjoyed the movie if got a chance to watch! have a good night

  5. TC says:

    Yes perhaps bit rate for sound could do with a notch up especially on some fast action movies (sounded a bit wishy washy), but this is only noticeable on loudspeakers. All the Blades, Clash of Titans, 300 1&2, and Cowboys And Aliens I have downloaded and watched have been downmixed. Although showing 5.1 on ac codec, but all channels contained same sound. I think for drama stereo is good enough to reduce size, but action movies especially if you are going to use 5.1 then it would only be logical to actually contain surround sound – like Red, Red 2 and Rounders are in proper surround sound. Unless its a source problem, in which case nothing you could do about it but maybe encode in stereo to reduce size I guess. Am glad we could talk about this. Cheers!

    • TC says:

      My apologies, I meant to say all the Blades are in proper surround sounds.

    • Gangsternerd says:

      and it s just how the cookie crumbles sometimes not every encode is gonna be perfect in every aspect! 🙂 but i’ll keep a ear on that and hope doesn’t happen as often! Thank you for the feedback!

      • TC says:

        Hey Gangsternerd, THANK YOU for all your efforts and great uploads! Will double/treble click for you. Cheers.

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