Download – Colossal (2017) 720p 10bit HEVC x265 *Filtered* HC Subs Webrip

720p 646MB 10bit x265 HEVC Direct Link

Sample Download

Encoder: Gangsternerd

The Subs had a black outline making a lot more difficult to remove than if were just solid white. It’s at least a little better to watch than the normal subs.


11 Responses to Download – Colossal (2017) 720p 10bit HEVC x265 *Filtered* HC Subs Webrip

  1. Adjitya says: Please do this film got best director award for 2016 Can festival

  2. Ransel says:

    which application is best for hevc encode?? i will encode my favorite movies ?? pls help..unable wait for 5-6months…??

  3. elysium says:

    Hi whats happened to DR DK and Gunner ?

    Thanks for the film

    • Gangsternerd says:

      maybe cause of the weekend they didn’t post anything.

      • Dave25 says:

        Space between us, Ghost in the shell waiting for 720p…

        • Dave25 says:

          No need to filter the subs in Ghost in shell anyone plz do…

          • Gangsternerd says:

            is that a want to filter them or not to filter them. you kind of made it sound like not wanted but then at end you do wanted??

          • Dave25 says:

            I meant dont filter and plz someone encode it, sorry for mixing it up…

          • Gangsternerd says:

            well i had started the filter encode but Gunner had uploaded by the time i finished it. I could uploaded to him and he can upload off of his post if he wants. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. started watching but stopped cause there are a lot of non-English parts so need to find some Subs will work very well cause Hardcoded subs are almost a non factor you will not notice unless you are looking for.

            Gunner Let me know if i should upload it or not.

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