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  1. Craig says:

    Very good site.Love it to pieces. All i need is more frequent updates in x265 hevc. PLZ

    Please keep this site up to date

  2. ARF says:

    Did u encode Tv Show/Series too??..
    i wish u do..

  3. Nimesha says:

    awesome movies with good quality

  4. subrat says:

    awesome site.. please keep the size of rips in check..

  5. Luciferhack says:

    Superb site bro.. Keep it up. U r doing great job. Thank you for you and all team members..

  6. manura vimukthi says:

    good job keep it up guys …..

  7. Anushka says:

    සුපිරි මචෝ… අනික් Site වගේ නෙවේ, සිරා කොලිටි
    ජය වේවා!!

  8. zeppeline says:

    Very Good site, But you should focus on the high IMDB rated movies and popular ones. Quality is Good but sometimes you put LC-AAC instead HE-AAC which further compress audio.

  9. x265ADDict says:

    i love this website, just keep encoding more popular movies, or add a thread where people can suggest 🙂

  10. x265ADDict says:

    also, you can compress them in .rar or something else to reduce the size even more

  11. madusanka jayasooriya says:

    nice work,great job. digatama karagena yamu. thanks lots

  12. JAck says:

    I wish you would start doing Tv series too as soon as possible..Would be great

  13. Chathuranga says:

    Please encode the movies day by day after the torrents updates dude… Cheers.. Great work.. finally i want to say don’t go away from us like “micromkv”… Thats the point! (y)

  14. Chathura says:

    මචං පුළුවන් නම් මේ අප් කරන ඒවා එකෙත් අප් කරහං ඒක අපිට ලොකු අදව්වක් මොකද ක්ලික් ඇන් අප්ලෝඩ් එකේ අයි පී දෙකකින් බාගන්න දෙන්නෙ නැහැ බන් ඒකයි. තෑන්ක්ස්

    • x265mkv says:

      වෙන සයිට් එකකට අප්ලෝඩ් කරන්න පුලුවන්, එතකොට keeplinks වගෙ එකක් use කරන්න වෙනවා.
      ඒ සයිට් වල පොප්අප් ඇඩ්ස් හුගක් තියෙනවා.

      • Chathura says:

        එහෙමත් පුළුවන් කීප් ලින්ක්ස් දැම්මට අවුලක් නැහැ. මේ සයිට් එකේම තව තැනකින් ඒ ලින්ක් එක දැම්මා නම් ඒත් ගැටලුවක් නැහැ. ගොඩක් සයිට් තියෙනවනෙ ඒ වගේ.

  15. Zeppeline says:

    Hello, I want point out some encoding settings you used kingsman web-dl version, plz take it as a positive feedback.

    1. Video bitrate is Good. Do what you’re doing.

    2. In audio, you used 80kbps HE-AAC for 5.1 (6 channels) audio, which didn’t sound much well. You should use 112 or 128 kbps HE-AAC for 5.1 (6 channels) audio and 64-80 kbps HE-AAC for stereo (2 channels) audio.

    Thank you for your hard work. You can add some ad panels like adchoices to your site to make some extra money, I have already whitelisted you on adblock.

    • x265mkv says:

      thanks for the valuable feedback…
      will look in to it,

      we believe that pop ups and short link ads are annoying to the visitors.
      that’s why we have add a paypal donate link. cheers.

      • Chathura says:

        i think its not possible x265mkv. bcoz if downloaders can donate some one they dont want visite pirate sites. bcoz they can buy movie around internet. possible thing is give your link to ads web site and earn with your own

  16. PΞYMAN says:

    Dragon Blade 2015

  17. Alireza says:

    u are Great…
    so great…
    i’m realy happy to find ur website…

    plz answer our request and comment… 🙂

    • x265mkv says:

      hi, thanks for you comment…
      we are always trying to give you guys the best we could. unfortunately we stopped taking requests due to lack of resources.
      anyways will try to encode your requests.


  18. subrat says:

    plz do these latest ones guys. Have been waiting for your rips:

    We Are Still Here (2015)
    Wish You Well (2013)
    With This Ring (2015)
    Haemoo (2014)
    Men & Chicken (2015)

    • Alireza says:

      THESE films are not good…
      they have low score…
      plz dont request poor films … 🙁

      • subrat says:

        i am requesting all the new films that all the uploaders are ripping. Better than requesting 50 year old movies for which numerous rips are already available.

        I watch too many movies and if i watch only those rated 7 and above on imdb there would be a huge shortage.

  19. Kerv82 says:

    Hi, me and my friends love your encodes. Thumbs up to the quality and size! Can you please encode 300 and also 300 rise of an empire? Will be greatly appreciated and Im sure widely downloaded too.

    • subrat says:

      all of these are available on torrents with good rips. Please let them focus on recent releases that are more on demand. If he starts rippping all the old movies, he can never focus on recent once.
      Atleast put some some effort into searching before requesting.

  20. lusdora says:

    please Thanks Beautiful and Twisted (2015)

  21. lusdora says:

    please Thanks Pitch Perfect 2

  22. lusdora says:

    please Thanks Search Party 2014

  23. KuMu says:

    Awesome Man…keep it up

  24. Alireza says:

    i love ur website ..
    and i want for you the Best … 🙂
    plz use for upload…
    it’s so Good ..
    and has a very very high speed for upload and download…
    plz plz plz ..
    try it ..
    and enjoy it .. 🙂

  25. Downloader says:

    Machan make download link more visible. better to have image button instead of text link.

  26. Noah says:

    you earned a new fan aka me 🙂

    i was hoping if you could upload hit movies from last year & years before that. not all movies necessarily, just the good ones 🙂

    Thanks for your hard work ^_^

  27. hamza says:

    hey man i like your website but please update your website daily iam still waiting for 5 flights up and many other… so please be quick.

  28. ShauT says:

    I’ve been searching for a good site for downloading movies encoded with the hevc codecs and am very impressed with the collection on However, I am having a problem downloading many movies because the only file host that works for me is user cloud. Can you please fix the clicknupload download links, I keep on getting Wrong IP for every single one, or upload the files to user cloud. Thank you.

  29. stupid says:

    hey ur doing everything very well but I can suggest u to give multiple download link and for that u can use these sites to create multiple links for the uploads. these are some sites: , , ,

  30. Prashanth says:

    Very good site. am getting movies in small size. keep on rocking !!!

    Best wished

  31. Jean says:

    Love your website and would love to get in business with you asap!
    Great potential again to grow and left you a message on FB!
    Keep it up buddy 🙂
    Send me an email so we can discuss further or I’ll check back soon with you 🙂

  32. jk78 says:

    love u site man, its great. is it possible for u to upload the some good old movies at least the ones that u previously uploaded which are now dead…. plz try to re-upload them here &/or at kick ass torrents.
    thank you for your hard work!! really appreciate it!

  33. sas says:

    good work sir…. plz upload movie in

  34. Anonymous says:

    Please add Exorcist: The Beginning & Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist in HEVC 265 format..
    Thanks and much appreciate your hardwork

  35. mr.h says:

    Please Upload “Insurgent ” The Blu-ray version is out

  36. Prasanth says:

    Thanks…. I’ve downloaded Jurassic World and Insidious Chapter 3. Awesome and thanks…!!!!!!!!!

  37. devato says:

    This is awesome encoding movie all the time..
    we want to you upload this movie : Skyfall (2012), Mud (2012), The Hobbit an unexpected journey.. Thank you..!!

  38. Wolfbane says:

    Thank you so much for the great work macho….
    Keep this up.

  39. FidelCashflow says:

    Is there a way I can get your uploads via torrents & not direct download?

  40. Cryptic Head says:

    Been following your site for quite a long time and a genuine fan too. You’re doing great rips.
    I’ve got a very sincere request. Can you please start providing Mega links too for your movie downloads? I’d be really grateful!

  41. jazz says:

    great Movies Loved Your Encoding Can you Please do ABCD(2) 2015 HINDI 720p DVDRip in x265

  42. naywall says:

    Good job man..
    please encode this movie
    thank you

  43. Indunil says:

    Bro please upload freetown 2015 Action movie please…

  44. if you can please upload these movies
    san andreas

  45. sandra says:

    You guys are awesome…
    better than all other x265 encoders. i think this site is better than yify.

  46. ser abolfazl says:

    Please put 1080p movies as well. chiefly they re 720p.

  47. lusdora says:

    friend that encode program 265

  48. lusdora says:

    that encode program 265 movies

  49. lusdora says:

    program to encode movies comon 265 Sellam

  50. lusdora says:

    program to encode movies like 265 which is

  51. Unnikuttan says:

    Hey x265mkv,
    Awesome quality rip with smallest size. Love it.
    Can you please encode Baahubali Hindi DVD Rip 720p to x265 mkv?
    India’s blockbuster movie, which no one encodes into x265 still now. Can you do please?
    Source :

  52. Rahul says:

    The Best Website in my whole life.
    720p movies in 300mb to 600mb[awesome].
    Thanks and Thanks a lot.

  53. Absar shaikh says:

    Hi,please upload dual audio movies too

  54. Absar shaikh says:

    Hi,please upload hollywood dual audio movies too

  55. Aman says:

    Please upload The Martian, dying to see it

  56. සචිත්‍ර says:

    Can you upload this plz.
    Angels & Demons (2009)

  57. KICKCANS says:

    Thanks for your postings, great quality. We love “PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN” movies. If you get a chance to post them on X265 before year 2020 we will apreciate your efforts even more. We will wait, we are not in a rush. Thanks again.

  58. KICKCANS says:

    Alphabetic catalog could be a huge improvement [a] [b] [c] [d] [e] [f] [g] ……………… Why not??? Is up yo you NY, NY

  59. Harish says:

    Couldnt download the The flight 2012 movie. Please check

  60. L Thawmte says:

    I’ve been following your site for a long time. Thanks for all the hevc movies. You are doing great work.
    ALso,, i would like to know if i can make a movie request? If so, please do the Korean movie Assassins(2015)

    Thank you once again, and keep up the legendary work.

  61. Chirath says:

    You can use few improvements !

    1- Enable filtered search
    Ex:- “A Thriller having 6+ imdb ratings”. Maybe you can add “Made after 1990”

    2- Upload both 720 and 1080p.

  62. Mudasar hasan says:

    bhai ye kon se media player se chalti hain. mpc media player se chalaney ka tarika bta dain. vlc se slow chalti hain. thanks

  63. leo says:

    thank you for up to date movie x265, very fast, best website movie x265

  64. DK says:

    Try get series.

  65. Ragesh says:

    Your work is awesome..but please can you pay a little more attention to the clarity. The size of your rips are awesome..and clarity too.. but a little more would be great..size can be increased a bit for that as still it will be around 600 or 700 mb. Please consider this request. Also please give a torrent link for the movies

  66. Eragon says:

    Thank you for your site.
    Please be sure your movies on one of the following sites upload:

  67. KICKCANS says:

    X265MKV.COM is getting better day by day!Thanks for your postings, great quality. We love “PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN” movies. If you get a chance to post them on X265. We understand that you have limited resources, just spare a little time for our request. Thanks again!!!

  68. James says:

    Great Stuff, For an improvement i would suggest you Give more information on the file, Such as
    Release Size:
    Overall Bitrate:
    Video Codec: hevc
    Audio Codec:

  69. amal krishna says:

    great site bro 🙂

  70. amal krishna says:

    PLS upload the martian and the intern

  71. jazz says:

    Wooohhhh Star Wars Series!!!!Now You Are Talking Great Choice Man Keep It Up Waiting Eagerly Before Star Wars: The Force Awakens

  72. vicky says:

    awesome quality
    plz can u upload lord of the rings trilogy
    extended cut in hevc

  73. irfan says:

    can you upload on server or google drive?
    your server is too slow from me to download..

  74. Ashan says:

    please can you upload Avatar(2009)

  75. asd says:

    can u upload james bond movie collectio?please

  76. pav1 says:

    u r uploades are always awesome bro..
    Good Work…daily 2-3 times i will check u r site for new uploaded..
    kept it up bro..nice work

  77. torfreak101 says:

    Your encodes are great Keep it up…. Regarding the file hosting can you plz use media fire(as in ganool) or uploadbaz it gives 8 channels resumable download?

  78. imtiaz says:

    This is the best website i have seen when it comes to excellent quality movies in small files. Keep up the great work and thanks !!!!

  79. imtiaz says:

    Can you please create a link so that we can request new movies there…

  80. TSURUGI says:

    first i wanna say thank you
    best site for x265 movie keep the good work.. (hope last forever)

    and i wanna request, if its ok

    plis make x265 for SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE

  81. NiYo says:

    This is the greatest site on the Internet to download MOVIES. You guys doing fine job. Thanks a Lot…!!! & Good Luck….!!!

  82. Zidni says:

    I have some movie request. Please upload those movies in good quality but low size.


    1. The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976)
    imdb –

    2. Argo (2012)
    imdb –

  83. Mike says:

    Hey guys.. i really love your website it’s awsome
    I have a little request
    The lord of the ring series with 720p x265 quality 🙂
    I’d really appreciate that..
    And thanks again

  84. keymobeats says:

    Can you please upload in 1080p x265 thanks

  85. stranger_666 says:

    hi bro, your rip quality for the smallest size is awesome.
    here my personal opinion (just positive feedback to perfection)

    1) always prefer 720p x265 filesize <500MB (those who prefer small size movies)
    2) subtitle are easy to find in web search. but appreciate if u can mux the perfect sync English subtitle during your encode.
    3) since encoding & uploading is time consuming, my point is its worth to spend it for Bluray release & latest movies.

  86. Sjk says:

    Pls upload In Good Company 2005 in 720p

  87. Abhishek says:

    hi guys you are doing a commendable job..
    hey there is one request if you could..plz upload
    In the Heart of the Sea ,2015 in 720p..
    waiting eagerly…though you have uploaded it in the DVDScr ..but 720p wuld be great..
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  88. E. Powell says:

    Please include openload file sharing service on all of your uploads, because at my location the other uploads used uptobox, rapidgator,and clicknupload, userscloud are blocked.

    Thanks for listening.

  89. opus says:

    Would love it if you were to upload to They make it super easy to copy to your own personal cloud. psarips do it so, I normally wait to see if they put up the same movies.

  90. pasindu says:

    my fello SL yaluwa you’re doing great job, proud of you man.
    and i have a request. please do Submarine 2010 movie. thank you again. i have downloaded lots of movies from your site. hodata karagena palayan. good luck

  91. tejas says:

    Nice site , excellent quality of movies ,please Hindi dubbed Hollywood and South movies upload thanks

  92. NiYo says:

    I Love this site. You doing great job. I found good copy of kung fu panda 3. If you have time visit this link.

  93. jasir says:

    bro wer r u pls uploads The Last Witch Hunter and Goospumbs….pls….wen will u b back?pls reply

  94. FzR says:

    great website best quality movies with lowest size possible.i think u guyz shud embed subtitles with the movies that’d b great i think..

  95. BABLOO says:

    Great site.. Goosebump… Last Witch Hunter.. Usercloud Link not working

  96. Tanim says:

    thanks a lot for all the movies in lowest size, just one another request, plz plz give all the latest bollywood movies like hollywood movies in lowest size……….thank you admin!

  97. Memomadrid11 says:

    Great work guys and amazing work.and i liked batman movie ripped in just 160MB excellent.i just need a small favor.I want harry potter series in X265 and relatively small size too.Thanks in advance

  98. engiboii says:

    the revenant

  99. KICKCANS says:

    Great site. Just to let you know that your IMDB links are out of SYNC lately.

    Regards again. When possible, pls post PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movies. Before yr 2020.

  100. Joker says:

    Good work. And special thanks for uptobox links.

    Please prioritize quality over size.

  101. Amalka says:

    please encode friday the 13th new beginning

  102. Aravind says:

    Great work guys, Can you upload Boologam tamil movie, Thanks in advance…..

  103. mudasar says:

    clicknupload links are not working

  104. lus says:

    Boulevard (2014) BluRay x265 HEVC
    ink offline 1080
    please thanks

  105. Nazmul Sagor says:

    Awesome man. i just wanted only hevc format movies site & i got it.. please carry on.
    please upload all new movies as fast as you can.
    thank you !!!

  106. Yogesh Chauhan says:

    Plz upload more bollywoo movies from now on and we don’t mind the advertisement because your work is wonderfull

  107. pavan says:

    HI can u upload transformers,pirates of the caribbean movie all parts.

  108. MAdhawa says:

    Thanks For the uploades and wish u luck.
    hope u will upload classic comedies like Major Paynes..

  109. Saketha Pulasthi says:

    Please upload Bahubali The Beginning (2015)720p BluRay

  110. Robert Tran says:

    Hi Admin,
    Please upload series of Lord of The Rings & series of The Hobbit

  111. tamilx265 says:

    i am interested in posting tami movies in me:[email protected]

  112. Mousam Mondal says:

    Can you upload [Rec](2007) movie

  113. Dave says:

    Yes, very excellent site, saved me a lot of space. Thank you. Wish the links lasted longer than 6 months – I kept going “older posts” until the links stopped working (around May 2015)
    I will check in every day I can to keep up to date on new links.
    Thanks again.

  114. Sourabh Syal says:

    Dear Admin,

    We Appreciate your work. There are lot of fans waiting for Hollywood Movies in Hindi Language Kindly Also Upload Best Hollywood Dual Audio Hindi Movies in HVEC Format. U can also upload World War 2 movies in Hindi there is great demand of these types of Action Adventure, War, Mystery, Sci Fi, Drama movies in India.

    With Regards

  115. Manish says:

    Please use Dual Audio as Hindi(INDIA) then your website gets additional Thousands traffic Of Daily as Hollywood Movies in hindi dubbed movies + Hevc is like nothing better than your site…..
    hope you will consider this in coming days.

    1 more suggestion kindly upload frequent more movies & best imdb movies like other websites does ex http://www.tum…/,,,,,Ga…

  116. lus says:

    please upload thanks

  117. tamilx265 says:

    dear admin,
    i have sent an email to you about posting tamil movies in x265 format on your site.but you didn’t reply to me.pls reply.
    i can also post hindi movies.

    reply me…

    • x265mkv says:

      sorry bro i got busy last week, will check your mail and reply.

      • tamilx265 says:

        check your inbox i have sent an email.

        • x265mkv says:

          Please send your email to “[email protected]
          we are having a issue with our emails.

  118. anjana55 says:

    පට්ට මචං , keep it up bro, පුලුවන් නම් උබ‍ේ fb නෙම් එක කියපන්

  119. Inder says:

    Please post non 10bit x265 encodes. It is unplayble in mobile phones and televisions. Even in computers it requires additional graphic support. Please give us the option of 8 bit x265 encodes.

  120. Haider Frost says:

    x265mkv team, I’m very much thankful to you for this great compressed movies and I really appreciate your hard work. And for the first time I’m requesting you to upload these four movies in compressed form. Thanks in advance….!

    Dirty Grandpa
    Kungfu Panda 3
    Dead Pool
    star wars the force awakens

  121. Akcil says:

    great job man I downloaded a few movies and I’m already in love with this website I have a suggestion release some tv shows in packs and do some classic movies and thank you for the great work

  122. Akash says:

    Is there any 1080p HEVC movies?

  123. vicky says:

    lord of rings extended plz

    harry potter too bro…

  124. durl dutta says:

    Super cool work. Thanks.
    I will suggest you to provide both 720p and 1080p for all Blu-ray uploads at least. How can you upload so fast? Amazing work on encoding, 10-bit. Try at least 5.1 for all Blurays.
    Thank you again. I am very happy!

  125. Akash says:

    It’s better if you can provide 6 channel audio for those 720p HEVC uploads!

  126. mudasar says:

    plz repair the downloading links of 22 jump street

  127. mudasar says:

    plz upload tears of the sun

  128. Nirash Yomantha says:

    1080p at lowest size…!!!! Great Work man. Thanks a lot and all the best…!!!

  129. Akhil says:

    Please provide torrent link for your upcoming releases

  130. mudasar says:

    Plz upload Tears of the Sun 720p Bluray

  131. NAFIS AHMED says:


  132. Lee Parker says:

    Hi there,

    Brilliant website which I discovered by accident. The quality shown in the samples is outstanding and I would lke to download the full film.

    However, clicking on the direct download link takes me to page with no link to download the film. There’s an offer to sign up to but still no link to the film. Please can you help?

    • x265mkv says:

      Once you reach the page, wait for 5 sec and skip the ad.
      then you will reach the keeplinks site where you have to enter the capatcha

      after that you can download the file from the 3 links given.

  133. Kunwar says:

    Love this site SIR! Great effort! Amazing qualiy+small size=x265mkv … you guys are perfect replacement of Yify! Pls can you upload Lakshya(2004) Hindi film… I’m a Defense Aspirant i want this film sir pls in small size,its my motivation Thank you,Regards

  134. moufid says:

    Hello and thank you for your great effort, i really like this site and i constantly refresh your site to check new movies. Great quality uploads and great links. I would like you to upload the wolf of wall street with the following best source:(The.Wolf.of.Wall.Street.2013.1080p.BluRay.AVC.DTS-HD.MA.5.1-SharpHD) cause this is the sharpest source and best one, and the others are good but they feel blurry and they gives headaches. So please consider my request and thanks for everything and what a great team you are.

  135. anjana says:

    Hello sirji I’m a great fan of your works… Please I’ve seen some one added request of Lakshya(2004) movie pls upload it in 720p bluray hevc.. Pls pls

  136. ravi says:

    I love your site. Best quality movies I always downloads from here. But there is no dual audio movies. I requests you to kindly upload dual audio movies too.

  137. SUJIT says:

    Sir, the movie lakshya is not showing any download links after going to Its asking for some captha to be entered. Kindly upload torrent link too if possible. I love the movies you upload specially the size and quality. keep going.

  138. Olive says:

    Hey guys your rips are crystal clear couldn’t find like yours anywhere..well not like a user friendly website i mean not all the unwanted pop ups like.. fine piece of work. I really appreciate.. later

  139. KICKCANS says:

    Hello, any chance for 1988 ‘WILLOW’

    Thanks for your wonderful Site, very simple and yet the best!!!!

  140. Akcil says:

    daredevil is coming out today I hope you consider uploading it

  141. mou12 says:

    Hello and thank you for your great effort, i really like this site and i constantly refresh your site to check new movies. Great quality uploads and great links. I would like you to upload the wolf of wall street with the following best source:(The.Wolf.of.Wall.Street.2013.1080p.BluRay.AVC.DTS-HD.MA.5.1-SharpHD) cause this is the sharpest source and best one, and the others are good but they feel blurry and they give headaches. So please consider my request and thanks for everything and what a great team you are.

  142. KICKCANS says:

    Any chance for DAREDEVIL S01????

    Thanks for your efforts!!!!!!

  143. KICKCANS says:

    Any chance for ‘THE NIGHT MANAGER’ excellent series.

    Thanks again for considering OUR REQUESTS.

  144. Haris Saleem says:

    Instead of uploading single episode, you should’ve upload the whole season pack in one link.. It is easy to use

  145. irda says:

    Hi Can you do the Walk in the Clouds (1994)?
    Can’t find a decent copy anywhere.

    Thanks a lot!

  146. ramesh says:

    I’m using this site for the past several months n i’m very much satisfied by the quality of the rips.But i have one suggestion- plz provide torrent link also as the direct download is not possible with any of the dwld managers..
    keeping uploading… 🙂

  147. mudasar says:

    plz upload tears of the sun bluray 720p

  148. Kiritione says:

    I’m Begging you please if you could upload “Ancient Aliens” Season 1 to Season 8 in Hevc 720p please, In small size, all the ancient aliens available on Kickass are very big in size. A 200mb-250mb is good also.
    Thank you Very much and i Hope you could help me in this one. Thanks again.
    IMDB Link:

  149. dheeraj kumar says:

    Movie Quality are so good but you need to think about the sound sometime the sound doesn’t match to the scene

  150. Hassen says:

    It would be nice if there is an advanced search functionality, like for example to search by categories and tags

  151. mike says:

    Your new rips like Star wars vii or The forest have a different encoding that you used before. With the last version of vlc: sucky image, it does not go fluently, picture is jerky, all frames are not seen. It does not happen with rips from different webs, nor with rips you did in last months

    • x265mkv says:

      have you tried other players? no issue with the encodes.

      • mike says:

        Perhaps it is an issue with the vlc in some devices or configurations but i just wanted you to know. It could be some users thought there was something wrong with your new encodes. Thanks for your rips and for answering.

        • mike says:

          The Revenant has not that issue and works fine with vlc. Congratulations.

          • mike says:

            However The 5th Wave goes “jumpy” too. I think that is due to the way to multiplex mkv. I think it happens when mkvmerge is not used.

          • x265mkv says:

            Same settings used to encode Revenant and The 5th wave.

          • mike says:

            Ok same settings. It may be that only happen to some of us. With mkvinfo when puts writing application: Lavf55.19.104 then the image is “jumpy” for me. Sorry for the disturbances. Thank you.

  152. mudasar says:

    hevc play slows on andriod phone???? how to play normally on andriod phone. i have s3 verizon

  153. Jan says:

    Thank you so much for uploading the videos. Sites like this are useful cause my parents like to keep up with new movies and older movies and i can download and let them watch in TV.

    can i ask for Son of Saul and Mustang? it’s nominated in Oscar 2016. thank you beforehand 🙂

  154. Paul says:

    Hi, just found out this site, it looks amazing.
    Can you guys send me the settings you use to encode your videos using HVEC to my e-mail or post it here?

    • x265mkv says:

      Sorry bro…. I spent plenty of time learning how to encode x265 HEVC. And i’m not going to post how i encode.
      If you have specific issue when encoding, drop me a mail. If possible will help you.

      • Paul says:

        It´s ok, i understand you pal.
        What about settings to encode x264 AVC to get a file with less size(let´s say half of the original file size) and keep the original quality?

  155. Sumudu says:

    Can you please make a movie list page for all movies on site would be helpful. Thanks

  156. mike says:

    It would be good your movies in the .rar could be played downloading only some Mb like happen with other movies compressed as rar. Besides I would like that the sample file had the same properties of the movie itself. If i download the sample of the movie Forsaken, the sample image is jumpy but the full movie in the rar plays perfectly. Thanks for your site.

  157. Roland says:

    Great site. Movie Qulaity and size are excellent. Can you do Triple 9 and green room with patrick stewart

  158. Hendar Manto says:

    I love this website. But i want to download movie with audio 5.1.

  159. Kums Benji says:

    Dear Admin, Can you display the future releases,and encoding movies in advance.It might help users come and update frequently and they’ll know your work. (y)

  160. Wired Protocol says:

    Please make the .rar file to self extracting zip – that would be very handy for people with no compression tool and for people who are migrating from one pc to another.

  161. FromBigCountry says:

    hi admin ^^,, i have idea,,:)
    can you add 480p/540p x265 for encode ^^..but in some country internet speed is not very good ^^,,i feel 540p is like bluray when we watch this movie in laptop/pc/Smartphone 🙂
    720p = 500mb-700mb
    540p = 300-500mb (mybe)
    480 = 250-450mb (mybe)
    its only my idea admin ^^,,
    whatever it is I still love because i love the small size ^^

    thanks for spirit ^^

  162. sagar says:

    plz bro upload kick hindi movie

  163. boyor says:

    remember that yify (also known yts) has beed shutted down couple months ago? once this website rank is up… they may aim you guys. prepare for that war, lol xD
    please always post an 1080p HEVC movie first, and then 720p next. most ppl seems to likely a high crisp Definition.
    watching 720p HEVC has an equal quality as 1080p AVC. and 1080p HEVC from original ripped BLURAY is really really superb.

  164. r says:

    please upload kapoor and sons (2016)

  165. cool says:

    Please upload x265, not x265 10 bit.
    x265 10 bit only for newest LED TV

  166. PieFlo says:

    A web site with only x265 release… Very good idea ! But why there is only 720p video and not 1080p ?

  167. Hasib Maqbol says:

    Please upload Dual audio movies

  168. ecomp says:

    please upload :
    Shutter Island (2010)
    The missing 2003
    Inside Man (2006)
    Training Day (2001)
    Treasure Island 2012
    this is site my favorite
    thanks for

  169. Ruthra says:

    When will Jungle Book proper copy be available?? Please do it soon 🙂

  170. ramesh says:

    Admin..Can u plz upload tamil movie maya?

  171. Kumudu says:

    macho Fan(2016) HD rip eka out. Please encode (if you have time). in X265.

    Bro you rock
    A big fan and a daily downloaded

    keep up the good work
    Good luck

  172. Amalka says:

    plz encode khabi khushi khabi gham brrip

  173. asiasat says:

    Can i request movie from this comment ?
    Reply please

  174. asiasat says:

    If i can give you advice,
    Can you upload all of your movies to Google Drive ?
    It will fullspeed download ang your film available for long time.
    All your movies so good and can you please upload to google Drive too ?

  175. asiasat says:

    Just for advice,
    Maybe you can update your livestatus widget of visitors in this site and add chatango website so we can make some conversation. Thanks

  176. V5 says:

    can u upload 60fps movies

  177. jisbin says:

    ur encodes are of really good quality.
    but isn’t it possible to bring movie size under 400MB using hevc?
    small size really matters for low speed internet users like me..

  178. GMS says:

    please upload dual audio movies.. that would be nice.

  179. Anil says:

    Pls upload more hollywood movies in hindi language

  180. KICKCANS says:

    Please state full name of movies/series ie ZOOTOPIA instead of Z, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 instead of M B F G W 2. Just feedback it will help to identify your releases after some time has goes by. Thanks in advance thanks por your posts and hope this request is within your reach. You are awosome. Thanks

  181. Jones says:

    upload GFT COMPLETE series

  182. Nadun says:

    Good job Mchn!!! 🙂 Keep it Up

  183. S says:

    I just found this site from google and it’s simply awesome. Great work guys.
    I have a request though, please upload 1080p x265 links.

  184. cool says:

    Very good site. But I can’t download here. My LED TV not support x265 10 bit. It only play x265.

  185. perspicacia says:

    Great site, but I think focus is too heavily on 10bit x265 as very few have the TVs or Media players that are capable of playing 10bit x265. Too many posts of 10bit versions with “no” 8bit versions to back it up.
    I am not saying stop the 10bit versions, just please upload the 8bit x265 alongside.
    I read a recent poll (sorry cannot remember where) where more than 80% said they could not even play normal 8bit x265 so actually preferred x264 – personally think they are a bit behind the times, but it strengthens the argument of how niche 10bit x265 currently is!

    I made a similar point in a recent post when asking for normal 8 bit x256 version of “The Divergent Series Allegiant Part 1 (2016) 720p 10bit” but it seems that post got deleted (????) so hopefully this stays here so others can give their opinion on this matter.

  186. donate says:

    make premium account we can donate for

  187. sid says:

    site is good please post more latest telugu movies also

    or add separate column for telugu movies too

  188. kelum says:

    මේ සයිට් එකනම් සුපිරියි.සයිස් එකේ හැටියට කොලිටිය උපරිමයි.පුලුවන්නම් MEGA එකටත් අප්ලොඩ් කරන්න.බාන්න ලේසියි.ජය වේවා!!

  189. perspicacia says:

    It seems you are only doing 10bit x265 Hevc for everything?
    Please let us know if that is the case, so I won’t waste my time with your site as my media player (like the majority) cannot play 10bit HEVC

  190. Shahrukh Shah says:

    Admin bro try to upload ‘Temper’ movie in hindi 1080p hevc hdr if possible for you

  191. ntn says:

    man do charlie malayalam 1080p

  192. mudasar says:

    I want to remove Subscribe to x265mkv via Email

  193. sandu says:

    Please be kind to post the substitles along with the movies

  194. sandu says:

    really appriciate your effort ,,great website thanks for everything 🙂

  195. Pienay says:

    admin can u upload all movies in 1080p hevc 10bit….thankz

  196. perspicacia says:

    You should change the Name/Description of the site to reflect the fact you only do 10bit now and nothing else!!

  197. isuru says:

    Bro Please Encode
    Angry Birds (2016) WEBRip

    Thanks for the good work

  198. perspicacia says:

    Avast Antivirus blocks access to your site reporting a Malware infection!!

  199. Sanky says:

    Please upload the ” The man who knew Infinity” in HEVC

  200. තිසර ධනංජය says:


  201. තිසර ධනංජය says:

    nice web

  202. hy(QQi) says:

    Since kickass is down, HEVC (sincerely) porn upload is not bad at all 🙂

  203. Ajay Singh says:

    Hey guys!

    Hope you’re well. Been quite worried about you guys since the kat takedown. Be careful.

    Also, I am not able to find any good x265 release for The Sopranos online. I hope you guys can encode a top grade encode of Blu-Ray versions. Please do consider the request and let me know what you decide. Otherwise, I’ll just have to download the big ones of 70-80GBs 🙁

    Thanks in advance, see you 🙂

  204. Dan says:

    Some great work being done. Many thanks!

    However, I believe your site has been infected with malware, as it refreshes every few seconds insisting the following is downloaded and installed:

    It is then detected as malware by Eset on my system (which itself is definitely clean after a scan to double-check).

  205. faisal says:

    thanks bro, for all the encoding & uploads.
    could you please upload HEVC x265 Season pack of indian tv series 24 season 1
    here are all the links-

    24 Season 1 (2013) 720p DvDRip x264 AC3 5.1 –

    thanks with best regards… you are awesome 🙂

  206. dexter says:

    very good site.

    • perspicacia says:

      That is a matter of opinion depending on what you are looking for…

      The site advertises “x265 HEVC Movies at the Smallest Size”, but it concentrates 99.9% on 10bit HEVC, whereas normal 8bit HEVC would strictly be the “Smallest Size” and more User-friendly

      I find it very disappointing that the site has switched focus SO heavily towards 10bit. It should be relabelled as “x265 10bit HEVC Movies at the Smallest Size”

  207. Ayush Sharma says:

    Thanks a lot btw.

  208. Nannum RowdyDhaan says:

    Please upload nannum rowdydhaan tamil 1080p bluray 10bit HEVC mkv.
    Nice site btw.

  209. isuru says:

    Captain America Civil War 2016 720p BluRay Please please machan. encode .
    waiting for your rip bro

  210. isuru says:

    Homepage eke chatbox ekak dapan machan. nagalama yai. kattiya godak innawane site ekath ekka. 😀

  211. YasmikaSH says:

    Hey there x265mkv team, you’re doing such a great service. We appreciate it by the way.It’s very thankfully if you can upload most popular TV Shows. We know It’s hard to do such a thing like that but try to upload TV Shows. Thanks. Love you guys 🙂

  212. Isuru says:

    love this sit.thaks <3

  213. Aran says:

    There must be seperate request zone for movies.

    Well my request is resident evil all parts ripped in x256 please.

    regards for your hard efforts.

  214. lusdora saboya says:

    The Shallows 2016 please

  215. Kim says:

    Yoo are doing a great job!! Thank you for your posts!!!

    A little request: You have stopped posting the torrent format! Please try to provide torrent format also as downloading very large without torrent is sometimes risky – if the connection breaks, it has to be sometimes downloaded again from the start!

  216. Amalka says:

    Plz encode Marvel agents of shield Season 4 720p HDTV

  217. Amalka says:

    Please Encode Marvel’s luke Cage TV Series

  218. rado says:

    Gentleman (2016) Telugu 720p 10Bit HD x265 HEVC unable to dowmload

  219. rado says:

    tell me how to download movies from your site

  220. DHEERAJ says:


  221. David Jones says:

    Awesome site. I just want to request you to only upload movies which are rated 7.0 and above in IMDB. Please don’t encode any and every movie, and try to filter ones which are actually good and popular from others which not many are keen on watching. Also would like to see HEVC encodes of popular 20th century movies.
    Thanks a lot for your hard work. All the best man.

  222. Abhi says:

    Great site! Love the contrast and everything. But some minor problems whih are never addressed:

    1. Links of many movies have gone dead for some reason. Neither they are re-uploaded, nor are the movies deleted. Some movies I found with dead links:

    a) The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies.
    b) The One I love
    c) The Book of Life
    d) Frequencies (2013)

    and so on..

    2. There is no page for requests or any news about what movies are decided and what’s coming next. I don’t even know if requests are taken into consideration or not. Better dedicate a page here that lets users put their requests.

    Otherwise, simply perfect.

  223. David says:

    Apocalypse Now (1979)in HEVC. Please..

  224. David says:

    I would like to make a suggestion. You do not need to encode episodes from recently released TV series as multiple HEVC encodes from different encoders are already available in torrent.

    Instead I would suggest encoding movies whose HEVC encodes are not available online. Preferably the older movies, as in those days x265 did not exist. Don’t mind pls, your work is highly appreciated.

  225. Robert Tran says:

    I really love your website and your effort to bring us the High Quality Movies with Small Size. Every day, I always access your website to view the updating movies. I really love it!
    Besides, can you make HEVC standard version of “Final Destination 1, 2, 3, 4, 5” Triology

  226. Robert Tran says:

    I really love your website and your effort to bring us the High Quality Movies with Small Size. Every day, I always access your website to view the updating movies. I really love it!
    Besides, can you make HEVC standard version of “Final Destination 1, 2, 3, 4, 5” Triology.
    Thank you so much!

  227. Kris says:

    Hello..X265MKV is the Best site and one and only good Quality HEVC please keep update your the way can you upload movie DIMENSIONS (2013) because we love that movie which about Time Travel and Romance.
    Thank You.

  228. Kris says:

    Hello..X265MKV is the Best site and one and only good Quality HEVC movie..please keep update your the way can you upload movie DIMENSIONS (2013) because we love that movie which about Time Travel and Romance.
    Thank You

  229. lasitha Senarathne says:

    Team x265mkv,you’re doing such a great Job, Awesome site

  230. Jawad says:

    A very good site with high quality content, I will appreciate if u guys can upload mortal kombat legacy 😉

  231. Another fan of your great site says:

    I have been here for a long time and I appreciate your great work.
    As you’re uploading some great movies from the past, can you please upload 6 channel audio as a separate file too.( Just like in ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’) Hope you can do it and please upload 6 channel audio for rest of the Harry Potter movies at least.

    Thanks a lot for your work. Best of Luck in everything you do.

  232. riri says:

    please do the underworld movies too!!! thank you very much!

  233. Livi says:

    Please rip&upload “Toni Erdmann (2016) English” Movie

  234. rohit says:

    hey guy pls. upload dual audio hindi dubbed hollywood movies. not only english.
    .Here very large craud and fan hindi dubbed movies ! I hope u understand

  235. Abhay says:

    First off all thanks a lot for your work.
    I have suggesion and a request as well,
    It would be better if you guys could frequently update and could you guys upload “Dear zindagi” Hindi Movie!! Pls…

  236. u2dlmega says:

    Appreciate your great work!
    Would like to see the following posted soon –
    1. Mildred Pierce MiniSeries
    2. Homeland
    3. Mr. Robot

  237. The Doctor says:

    Pls upload Doctor Strange 2016

  238. kapil says:

    Please upload prison break season 1,2 hevc 720p

  239. Samuel Onyewuenyi says:

    awesome and wonderful site….i have downloaded tons of movies with sweet quality thanks guys…it will also be nice to [attach viewer’s rating and a little detail of the movie i.e actors, actress etc] sometimes i find it difficult to download a movie if there are no popular actor/ess on the cover page…i hope my request finds a place your hearts….thanks all the same i am happy for this site.

  240. sanjay kundu says:

    try uploading xxx, tv-shows in HEVC x265, that would be nice. thanks.

  241. mahdi aamighi says:

    pls put the imdb links of each movie, it will help us to check the information of the movies faster, thanks.

  242. Sarf says:

    Can you Upload to Mega!! its the fastest

  243. Pranav says:

    Please upload jurassic park 1,2,3 series hevc movies

  244. Sanket says:

    Please open up to the people visiting ur site and give them a chance to encode movies for u.

    Btw I want to have Assassin creed in 720p hevc

    Otherwise a great job

    Hatsoff to ur work, thanks

  245. Dave25 says:

    Dk howz it going, one opinion while selecting new encoders make sure they are QUALITY encodes…THANK YOU…..

  246. vic says:

    Hello bro,
    I have some thoughts about join your team.
    How do I contact you privately?

  247. Balboa says:

    Could you pls upload Merantau English version pls..lemme know if u unable to pls. THANK YOU

  248. Livi says:

    Toni Erdmann (2016) [in English if you able to get it. or else Eng subtitles]

  249. Steven says:

    love the work you guys are putting in….just like to ask is it possible also upload tv series in Web download not just HDTV…….thank you

  250. maltez says:

    thanks for all. please more 1080p 10bit movies.

  251. Furd says:

    upload all the movies to 1080p

  252. Sushi says:

    Your site is awesome!! The quality is great especially the sizes. Though our tv can’t read x265 files but I usually just watch in our computer XDD Hope you upload High school musical 2 & 3 also. I tried searching for some other downloading sites but torrent comes up. You guys are best with the ddl. Hope you read my comment :)))

  253. Abhay says:

    Please do upload “Pulimurugan (2016)” Malayalam Movie in 720p quality…
    always tanked for your quality prints. 🙂

  254. mohind says:

    need pulimurugan 1080p bluryrip

  255. Chamod Shehan says:

    Hi Admin,

    Good Movies with best quality…keep it up…..Thanks…

  256. Siddhaarth says:

    Plz post Adhe kangal(2017) HEVC

  257. Rahul says:

    Can You Please provide torrent download option along with the direct download links. THANX 🙂

  258. MrX says:

    Gr8 site and nice encodes but it would be gr8 if the audio quality would be improved. AAC 5.1 would be awesome

  259. Robert Tran says:

    Thank you very much about the movies which you have encoded and uploaded. Please encode “Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001)”. I am really appreciate it

  260. shan iqbal says:

    hey I’m a daily visitor of your site.i would like to join your do i join your team. please contact me on +94771162670

  261. Kaley says:

    Good job. I love the h265 releases. Please more releases in 6 CH

  262. Eduardo says:

    Please more releases in 6ch. Thanks and congratulations for excelent job.

  263. Chandar says:

    Upload 1970 tamil films… Films are good in x265 format….?????

  264. Abhay says:

    please upload “Dostana (2008)” movie in 720p quality also “Guppy” malayalam movie in same quality

  265. nihar says:

    For the last 2 days I’m having a specific problem with your site CLIENT ERROR 117B
    How can I download movies with this happening ?

  266. Gangsternerd says:

    I have Thousands of 10 Bit Hevc movies done. send me a E-mail if wanna see where it goes. My Encodes are very high quality slow encodes! i have ran my computer non stop for the last year. very powerful computer and takes a hour or 2 just for a single movie. anyway i’ll wait for a Email and see if this could be something.

  267. Anish says:

    Thanks x265mkv for the encodes. Please use AAC instead of HE-AAC . I tried it in 4 different Televisions and still have problem in playing audio. Either it makes some annoying noise or no audio at all.

    • Gangsternerd says:

      🙂 I may upload them maybe but they are 720p but very very high bitrate! 2GB and some change on each. Some Movies are meant to be Extremely High quality and why such a big file! I will be Uploading here soon i think. give me a little time to figure things out and i will upload them.

  268. DAN says:

    (team X265MKV) you are doing awesome work…..keep it up.
    pls upload transformers 1,2,3,4 (1080p x265 10bit) with best quality.

  269. Sushi says:

    Your site is awesome. Thanks for the encodes! Also, can upload ‘The Pixar Story’ no other sites with direct download so i was hoping you guys can upload. But as always, you guys rock <3

  270. Abhay says:

    Please try n upload “ohm Shanti oshaana” Malayalam movie in 720p…
    Also the new “kaatru veliyidai” in 720p

  271. Abhay says:

    Pls upload “Y Tu Mamá También” movie 720p…

  272. Dave25 says:

    Dk where is Gunner, Redz One request could u plz speed up latest movie releases a bit more..thankyou again for the hardwork

  273. rudrax says:

    Hello there x265mkv team, I have an important concern regarding the encodes here at Almost all of the encodes posted here are done at 10bit of bit depth. But most of the entry level and old CPUs don’t support hardware accelerated decoding of 10bit x265 movies. This brings the software decoder in play which uses a lot of CPU power (around 25% of constant CPU uses). Due to this high amount of CPU uses, the system generates heat and risks the system to have overheating issues.

    So I request you to keep the bit depth of your encodes to 8bit so that some of the not so old CPUs can use hardware acceleration while playing the movies. I have 6th gen. Intel “Skylake” Pentium N3700 CPU which supports hardware acceleration for 8bit x265 encodes but not for 10bit ones.

  274. Anish says:

    I wanted to post this long time ago. I know this comment was gonna get deleted but i wanted you to know . This site used to have movies size of 300-450mb when Gunner and Hunter used to work here and no popads and banner ads. Now the size of movies became 500-600mb and when asked about decreasing size you blocked me from commenting on chatbox and now user have to signup which i think is bad. You are not posting frequently as you used to. Your fanbase is decreasing day by day. You can see there used to be requests on every post but now none or some guy posts on all posts.

  275. rudrax says:

    I second what Anish has said. Also encoding the movies using 10-bit of bit depth is not beneficial for most of the users as only the 7th generation Intel “Kaby Lake” CPUs and latest discrete GPUs fully support hardware decoding for 10-bit HEVC. Without hardwares decoding there will be heating issues for laptop users due to the high CPU uses by the software decoder. Most of the people here are not aware of that. In another words, videos from are putting laptop users in danger (without their knowledge) of the overheating situation which can potentially damage the hardwares. 10-bit HEVC is not mainstream yet. May be encoders should wait a year or two so that it becomes mainstream. Till then they should encode on 8-bit.

  276. Abhay says:

    Someone have jaws 1 n 2 with them!? In 720p pls

  277. mahmoud says:

    My best salute and regards to your esteemed efforts in making such complete uptodate movie database, wishing you all the best and progress always.
    Kindly request from your goodselves – if possible- to upload encoded hereunder movie list in “X265 HEVC Bluray 720p” with highest quality and lowest size possible as you always assisted all of us. N.B. hereunder table shows requested movie with:
    (Name of movie – Movie release year – Ordinary size of X264 and moderate quality)

    1- 2012 movie 2009 883 mb
    2- A Hologram 4 the King 2016 593
    3- American Sniper 2014 773
    5- Carrie 2013 650
    6- Cast Away 2000 700
    7- Clash of the Titans 1981 705
    8- Cradle 2 The Grave 2003 700
    9- Daredevil 2003 705
    10- Dark Shadows 2012 650
    11- Days of Thunder 1990 760
    12- Double Impact 1991 650
    13- Dragon Blade 2015 945
    14- Dragonheart 3 2015 640
    15- Dredd 2012 625
    16- Ender’s Game 2013 700
    17- Equals 2015 650
    18- Eragon 2006 650
    19- Escape Plan 2013 700
    20- Fathers and Daughters 2015 710
    21- Fearless 2006 955
    22- Fight Club 1999 790
    23- Godzilla 2014 700
    24- Gone Girl 2014 710
    25- Hands of Stone 2016 600
    26- Hansel & Gretel 2013 700
    27- Hard Target 1993 580
    28- Hard Target 2016 520
    29- Hardcore Henry 2016 625
    30- High Rise 2015 680
    31- Honey I Shrunk the Kids 1989 605
    32- Hook 1991 800
    33- I.Frankenstein 2014 665
    34- Immortals 2011 585
    35- Interview with a Hitman 2012 615
    36- Interview with the Vampire 1994 750
    37- Jack The Gaint Slayer 2013 775
    38- Jason and the Argonauts 1963 290
    39- Judgg Dredd 1995 558
    40- Jumanji 1995 605
    41- Jupiter Ascending 2015 720
    42- Kiss of The Dragon 2001 630
    43- Kung Fu Hustle 2004 500
    44- Malcolm X 1992 825
    45- Need for Speed 2014 705
    46- Northmen A Viking Saga 2014 700
    47- Pacific Rim 2013 700
    48- Parker 2013 740
    49- Paycheck 2003 685
    50- Pearl Harbor 2001 651 (Uploaded by U, but sound prblm)
    51- Prison Break_The Final Break 2009 740
    52- Project Almanac 2015 790
    53- Red Riding Hood 2011 770
    54- Romeo Must Die 2000 775
    55- Sleepy Hollow 1999 711
    56- Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber 2007 715
    57- Term Life 2016 888
    58- The 7th Voyage of Sinbad 1958 204
    59- The A-Team 2010 1270
    60- The Covenant 2006 705
    61- The Golden Voyage of Sinbad 1973 254
    62- The Hurt Locker 2008 833
    63- The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 2003 999
    64- The One 2001 683
    65- The Patriot 2000 679
    66- The Perks Of Being A Wallflower 2012 572
    67- The Quick and the Dead 1995 680
    68- The Revenant 2015 960
    69- The Runner 2015 715
    70- The Terminal 2004 940
    71- The Thief of Bagdad 1940 285
    72- The Last Airbender 2010 745
    73- Tron Legacy 2012 625
    75- Valkyrie 2008 808
    76- When The Bough Breaks 2016 610
    77- Who Am I – Kein System ist sicher 2014 700
    78- World War Z 2013 790
    79- Wrath of the Titans 2012 722

    Kindly accept my request and apologize for any above mistakes, looking forward from your esteemed size to fulfill it.

    Appreciate your goodselves efforts
    Best regards

    • Gangsternerd says:

      I’ll see what i can do with some 🙂 just have to check back to see what is fulfilled. I know i have some of these already completed. but uploading is a task in it self. i’ll have something from this list uploaded today 😛

  278. Vishvik says:

    I been your regular visitor for, say, the last 2 years. Impeccable quality! Hats off to you guys…. You are really doing a marvelous job out there. Keep up the good work, guys.

    Just a small suggestion. I think it’s time you categorize movies based on genres, now that your database of high-quality movies has expanded like an explosion!!! It would be helpful for genre-based movie lovers.

    Any ideas on bringing links for online viewing instead of or along with downloads?? (Sorry for asking this, but I’ve already run out of storage space with all your encodes.. :-D)

    Once again, thanks for the awesome encodes…

  279. moh says:

    HI ..IF someone of the site staff reading this
    Please .. you have the biggest 720p x265 movies library i’ve ever found .. but most of your files have been deleted .. so please consider re uploading staff on GOOD WEBSITES like clicknupload – mega – openload … Usercloud is bad .. uptobox makes us wait 2 hours to download another file

  280. Dave25 says:

    Dk Redz Gunner where r u guys…long time no see

  281. Dan says:

    It would be great if you could upload all the Star Trek films in about 500MB sizes each. Thanks!

  282. Sharif says:

    Hi, Your site is excellent in quality movies, though some movies were inaudible in the past. I hope you solved the problem by encoding the movies properly. One more request: please upload 1080p 3D movies with no black borders. Again, one import suggestion: rename the site by or or something else to replace the name as it suggests to something adult in name because of x putting first and therefore the site often closed or shut down by ISP or internet providers in our region. Please think of it seriously. Wish your all success and getting the site number 1 position.
    Best of luck.

    • Sharif says:

      Hi, Your site is excellent in quality movies, though some movies were inaudible in the past. I hope you solved the problem by encoding the movies properly. One more request: please upload 1080p 3D movies with no black borders. Again, one important suggestion: rename the site by or or something else to replace the name as it suggests to something adult in site name because of x putting first and therefore the site often closed or shut down by ignorant ISP or internet providers in our region. So, please think of it seriously. Wish your all success and getting the site number 1 position.
      Best of luck.

  283. jasleev says:

    I love your Site but Please try to update all recent movies of all categories and please do more focus on Bollywood and South Indian and South Indian Dubbed.I am working as an uploader on Websites.
    Best of luck.

  284. Dave25 says:

    Dk how r u and other encoders redz gunner not seen in a while try to get back soon plz…

  285. axlrose says:

    thx alot for your work.
    can u upload Jodorowsky’s Dune pls

  286. jimmy says:

    Love this iste.

    Love the x265 encode.

    One thing though…. it should be way bettere if the movies would be “sorted” or “classified” or better “tagged” with a genre type.

    For exemple as it is now… searching for Sci-Fi movies is difficult… you have to browse every page in search for them.

    It would be simple searching for movies tagged “Scifi” for example.

    Keep up the good work !


  287. VIK says:

    Hey x265mkv Guys. I love your work. And your site, given that it doesn’t have too many popups and freaking ads. But I think your site could be better.
    For examples look at all the empty space you guys are wasting!! Dear God, I wouldn’t do that! You can display more movies in one page and may be add more details about movies like rating or plot summary.
    Then you would still have more space left. Use them to put ads or something. You can charge for ads or add google AdSense or smthng like that. I mean you deserve to earn some money for your hardwork, right?
    But please don’t add more popup ads okay!
    And then about your search box: it’s just average and can be upgraded.

  288. vishnu says:

    you said it rahul i have been meaning to ask to upload movies in torrents

  289. Ptroy says:

    The Golden Compass 2007 please

  290. Jidhesh says:

    Quality of the movie is really good.this site is getting better and better but its really hard to find latest updates when it is mixed with the repack of other old would be really cool if you could add new section for the latest updates……….cheers,🙂

  291. loki says:

    Would absolutely love it if you started doing 1080p versions of the 10-bit x265. The higher resolution would make the image more clear and now that 4K is more common 1080p encodes are needed for better upscaling and clarity.

  292. Rudar says:

    My movie request
    1.C.R.A.Z.Y. (2005)
    2.Goodbye Uncle Tom (1971)
    3.Goodfellas (1990)

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