3D HEVC Movies – Give us your feedback

Guys, we are planning to encode 3D HEVC movies, below i have given 2 sample links.

Mad Max : Fury Road – 3MB

Exodus : Gods & Kings – 5MB

Please check and give your feedback.



15 Responses to 3D HEVC Movies – Give us your feedback

  1. pran says:

    its fucking awesome go ahead. works great , but its advisable to do 1080p as well.

    But man trust me i have seen other x264 3d rips etc , x265 3d is on the next level.

  2. Ntaka says:

    Go ahead man, its brilliant

  3. pran says:

    yes i checked both , i think mad max has more depth to it, i dont know it may be the scene,the truck cabinet had depth when you see the shot.

    But seriously dude try 1080p , because on 55 inches it gets a little off but the fun part is 3d effect is good…

  4. kp says:

    n finally 720p 3d hevc movies are here….
    thnk you so much…
    you rock…

  5. aadil says:

    hey admin thanks for uploading 3d sbs movie in small size but i have one more request please upload the movie in both pixel like 720p or 1080p because anyone dont have a 55″ lcd or led so please go on and upload movie in 720p or 1080p

  6. lusdora says:

    I enjoy excellent 3D

  7. madusanka jayasooriya says:

    wow. brilliant idea. good work. quality is marvelous

  8. random says:

    How do I watch these 3d on laptop?

  9. Adith3ya says:

    I am not able to play these files on my laptop. It has 3D and everything. I tried it using PowerDVD 14. Is there any other application that will help?

  10. Adith3ya says:

    But you won’t be able to play 3D on vlc. I do not know about kmplayer though. Does it support 3d as well…??

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